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Hello My name is Aurora-Marie Dolopo Zhivago.

I know this will be spread across the internet and read by random visitors.

So hello internet!

I have started this online Journal to share my life as a cartoonist.

This is Rated G. So that my youngest visitors who are able to read can join in! So hello kids!!!

I have two small children at the time they are 5years and 9years old. Both are budding cartoonists!

I am married to a very nice guy. He is our ROCK and we love him.

I was raised in San Diego, CA all my life. I love it here! The weather is perfect!

Today is a New day and New Year!!! All the years of cartooning I have decided to wipe the slate clean and start a new day blogging about my adventures.

I have all my artwork on USB drives. Multiple colors. There is no meaning of the colors. I have them attached to a brown spring cord. I have this on my table. If I lose it. I think I will be sad.

I also have an external memory drive, its not too big but it’s too heavy to carry around in my purse (lol)

I use Adobe Illustrator and I love it!!! I used to draw everything on pencil. Since 1996 the age of technology and the birth of Adobe Illustrator I decided to save steps and just produce my artwork from that program.

I used to have a tablet and a special drawing pen to create the cartoons. But I lost the cartooning pen (lol), so I just use a mouse. One day I’ll find it somewhere in my house.

Occassionally I’ll use my iPad. I don’t have the latest. I have the old one the iPadOne. But that works just fine. I prefer a desktop. This year I hope to get a Laptop that turns into a tablet. Wishes do come true.

I usually start creating artwork at random times at night and when I have a great idea I sometimes work hours perfecting it. I lose track of time. So usually I do it when the kids are fast asleep. This means I work into the night almost til morning. But I don’t do that everytime!

I have some great ideas and it usually corresponds to a theme or a event coming up.

My daughter’s birthday is Feb 9th. So Valentines is just around the corner! I have so many ideas!! I love VALENTINES!!!


Right now I have to make Brunch for the Family, instead of sitting here typing. I wish I had all the time!!

Later today my parents are having NEW YEARS LINNER! My whole family is going.

Blog you later!!!

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