I had a great meeting with a business owner. Learning so much about business! He has so much experience! Several businesses and opening another one unrelated! Doing very well!

So I am inspired! I am relocating my desktop somewhere most productive. Feeling bad slow vibes in its corner. So I think I’m just going to move it into the center of everything. Like that saying there’s an ELEPHANT in the room!

I can see it and get my creative juices flowing again!

So here I am on my iPad! I carry this small thing around. It’s got my artwork and digital book in there.

The Sakura. Yes besides drawing I do write! Lol

Here’s a shot of my book!


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Good Morning! Happy Infinity Day!
Started this blog on 8:18! Lol

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I’VE BEEN MIA ON MY BLOG! I sometimes need a ME break but I’m backkkkk!

I recently had a meeting with a Really cool guy named Ivan! Hi Ivan!

He manufactures car decals.

Really random meeting just met him a while back on FB for ENVIROBABIES
Please join me there!


So here are the samples of our decals he made! Aren’t they awesome!

Strictly aimed for our Baby Market! Slowdown Backup!!! Don’t tailgate!



I plan on creating more characters! I went to a local hallmark store and there is quite alot of Christian influence so I will definitely aim the The Enviro-Babies in that area since I am very Spiritual and believe in a God.



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I’ve been so busy trying to get organized!!!

Been really concerned over things other then my own! Ever think that way?

Well, I am now on the seat! I’ve started this routine. I want to just sit and concentrate now. I have so many ideas!

Ready to explode! I wish I could do them all in one shot!

So I’ve been sitting on my chair thinking about the journey of great cartoonists.

Each with a story of their own! But what did they really think about the moment they came up with the A-HA idea!?

This is where my blog comes in.

Retrace to my steps on what did I do that created that awesome cartoon idea!

So I came up with…”Now I lay me down to sleep,” pillows and “Remember Me?” Lines.

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my soul to keep if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take.

It’s a prayer I prayed when I was little.

Each character is praying then sleeping, imprinted on the pillow.

So cute so precious is a child’s pillow.

Soft and comforting before we sleep.

Some pillows are a favorite thing for children. A safety net.

Remember me line, is a line of the characters who are Endangered and give you a look with their big eyes. DON’T FORGET ME COME BACK! EVERYDAY THINK ABOUT ME! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!

Pretty heart wrenching but it’s a graphic that draws you into their situation.

I hope you like them. Images coming soon!


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Good Early Morning!

Not gonna lie I fell asleep last night.

But I had to wake up to see my husband off for work and make him breakfast and let my dog out to go do his business.

I like the early morning rise. Just when the sum rises. It’s so peaceful out.

So I cranked up my old computer. She’s been with me for years. She’s a desktop.

My next system will be portable. Everything in my briefcase.

MY OLD BESSIE has adobe illustrator and adobe flash.

So I play with those two programs quite often.

What do you know! Bessie started up and up popped Pandy Cakes!

I was trying to animate her with a Christmas Wreath. But the animation did not quite coordinate with the music.

I’m trying to make this process better.
YouTube won’t upload a nice quality animation. So it looks choppy and blurred.

Kinda frustrating because on my flash end it looks amazing!!!!

Here is some examples.


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GOOD MORNING! I’m awake for an hour! Some guy was ringing the doorbell! At 8:27am! Wrong house buddy! Try next door.

So I’m awake and blogging. I promised I would login everyday and Blog about my dailies.

So her is DAYTWO of first WEEKDAY OF THE YEAR! Lol


So today I’m going to put the Christmas tree decorations away. I had a Disney Tree ever since the kids were small. It’s been up year after year!

I love Walt Disney! He is a true inspiration. A family business affair. Two Disney Brothers in charge of a doodle which became an EMPIRE!!

Beyond their life on earth passed down from them to their children to our children.

It started with a mouse.

Which Character will I chose to represent ENVIRO-BABIES.

It’s always been the GIANT PANDA.

Oh by the way you can watch REAL GIANT PANDAS HERE LIVE!
At the San Diego Zoo! Here is the link!

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Day Two Year 2012


It’s a Mystery. No one can predict the end of life.

Or can they?

We were all doomed the day we left our mothers. And our first breath of life.

We start aging the moment we were growing. Ultimately TIME is our expiration factor. Common sense

The day my expiration date arrives. Hopefully I’ll be asleep. Lol

Don’t worry kids we will be here on earth surviving a long time. We will be renewed year after year as long as
Babies are being born we will survive.

Okay so Sleep. I should be right now. I’m just lacking motivation. I’m getting really tired lately. I’ve been an owl since forever.

Now I am just tired and unmotivated.

I think I need to just sit down and start turning on my computer and turn on all programs. Plug in my USB and figure where I left off.

Getting YouTube videos of baby animals from my Facebook friends HELP ALOT!

Long ago, I signed up to see and tour SUZY SPAFFORD’s of SUZY’S ZOO
Studio. I went with my assistant Katia.

We arrived in her warehouse in Mira Mesa. It was her greeting card factory and art studio. At the time she was there, she was giving special tours to fans and the public.

Suzy was there and met everyone that signed up for the tour towards the end.
She was so nice to us and answered all questions we had as fans.

We met her staff of two artists. They were in a white room. Everything was hand drawn. The studio was so BEAUTIFUL and two stories. The greeting card factory downstairs was managed by her relatives. It was an awesome tour!

She had started as a street park artist
Selling her artwork around touristy areas.

She started with animals and birthed Suzy the duck. The rest was history.

Suzy’s zoo. Was my inspiration back in 2001

She can do it so can I! JUST DO IT!!

I have been following her progress in years time. Eventually studio tours of hers became the past. And she slowly had less and less on her site. Business was challenging and slow for EVERYONE!!

Then gradually her website became more busy especially overseas!

Today she has a SUZY’S ZOO MUSEUM in JAPAN!!!!! How awesome is that!!!

She is licensed in several products from aparrel to books calendars greetings toys etc!!!!

I am just happy she is a female to look up to as well as a SAN DIEGAN.

Here is a cute animation video of her characters!

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